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How to Import Categories in Bulk

How to import categories in bulk using the Category Download Import Template.

Open Categories

Open Categories

From the Dashboard menu,

  1. Click on Site Settings
  2. Click on Categories

Click on the Import Categories button

Download the Import Template

Download the Import Template

The Categories Import Window will open:

Click on the grey Download Import Template button.

The template labelled Category_Import_File.xls will automatically download to your computer. The spreadsheet file contains three sheets, one for the instructions, one for importing sub-categories, and one for importing category names. Follow the instructions in the spreadsheet template carefully to avoid errors when re-importing.

Instructions from Overview Sheet


This file demonstrates how you setup an Excel file to import categories easily into this system.

Please note this import feature only allows for the adding of categories to the system. To edit or delete categories please use the Administration interface.

Each worksheet (select the tabs below) demonstrate how you setup the Excel file for various scenarios. These are:

Sheet 1 Import categories with no hierarchy

Sheet 2 Import categories with hierarchy

When you are ready to import your file you must save your file in either a CSV or TAB delimited format. To save your Excel file in either of these two formats select Save from the File menu

and choose Comma Delimited (CSV) or TAB delimited in the Save Type As option.

NOTE: If you choose CSV each column is separated by a comma. You cannot use commas inside any of your columns.

Import Updated Template

Import Updated Template

When you have finished adding categories to the sheet, and have saved your file in either a CSV or TAB delimited format:

Click on the grey Choose File button to import your updated template.

Verify Information is Correct

  1. check information preview is correct
  2. Click on grey Import button



New Categories Have Been Added

New Categories Have Been Added

If you now go back to the Categories Window, you will see that the new categories and sub-categories have been added without affecting the existing categories

To View the Sub-Categories

To View the Sub-Categories
  1. Click on the little grey '+' symbol next to a category and the sub-categories will appear. You will also notice that the '+' symbol turns into a '-' symbol.
  2. To close the sub-categories, click on the grey '-' symbol