How to Assign Pricing Plans (or any web app item) to Categories

How to assign a category to your Pricing Plan - this also works for other web app items such as Services.

From the Dashboard menu

  1. Click on Web Apps
  2. Click on Pricing Plans

Click on the name of the plan you would like to edit.

Classify Your Pricing Plan

Classify Your Pricing Plan

At the top of the Pricing Plan panel

  1. Click on the grey Actions button
  2. Click on the Classify this Item option

The Classify this Item pop-up window will open:

  1. Choose a category from the column on the left and click on it
  2. Click on the single right-pointing arrown to move this ctegory to the column on the right. This category has now been assigned to your pricing plan.
  3. Click on the grey Close button

Save your changes

Save your changes

Click on the blue Update button to save your changes.