PracticePlus User HelpPracticePlus Email MarketingBasic Newsletter Campaign Setup - Walkthrough

Basic Newsletter Campaign Setup - Walkthrough

How to Set Up a New Newsletter Campaign

Add Campaign Details

Add Campaign Details
  1. Details tab
  2. Add a Campaign Name for your newsletter
  3. Choose the Campaign Type
  4. Choose a Delivery Date
  5. Choose a Delivery Time
  6. Choose the Name and Email address you would like the newsletter to come from
  7. Make sure HTML is chosen from the Format drop-down menu
  8. Click on the Next button
  1. Recipients tab
  2. Select Recipients
  3. Exclude recipients
  4. Make sure to click on the grey Save Draft button
  5. Click the blue Next button
  1. In the Template tab, click on the template you would like to customise to select it.
  2. Click on the grey Use Selected Template button.
  3. Click on the blue Next button



If your website was created after August 2014, you will have a different set of templates called Align Mail. These are responsive and much easier to edit.

  1. Click on any element in the template to change or customise.
  2. The Toolbox on the right of the content editor will let you add tags to our newsletter draft
  3. Click on the grey Save Draft button
  4. Click on the grey Send Test Email button
  5. Click on the blue Next button
  6. Click the grey Save Draft to save your changes then click the blue Next button
  1. Preview how your newsletter will look in the Preview and Send tab
  2. You can send a copy to yourself first by clicking on the Send Test Email button
  3. If you are happy with the layout of your edited newsletter campaign, you can use the grey Copy this Campaign button to duplicate the newsletter for use with future campaigns
  4. If you are happy with how your newsletter looks, click on the blue Send Campaign button to send your newsletter to the recipients you have chosen.