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Overview of the Xero Practice Manager Connection Process

A brief overview of the Xero Practice Manager/PracticePlus connection process

How it Works

How it Works

Xero Practice Manager Sync allows your client and lead data to be shared between your PracticePlus website and Xero Practice Manager, saving you heaps of time!

The synchronisation between Xero Practice Manager and your website works as follows:

For each XPM Contact create a Contact in your website CRM and all the extra information is populated from the associated XPM Client e.g. Tax number, Account Manager etc...

The ClientID field on the Contact in your website is populated with the associated XPM ClientID. The ContactID field on the Contact in your website is populated with the XPM ContactID.

We skip any subsequent Contact records found with the same email address.


Setup Process:

  1. We send you the link to authorise the app.
  2. Then we email you to ask which custom fields you would like to be brought over to your site for syncing purposes




General and Custom Fields

General and Custom Fields


Typically our clients bring across the fields that are useful for targeting specific groups of clients with email notifications and campaigns e.g.

- Account Manager

- Industry

- Business Structure

- GST Period

- Balance Month

- Plan Level e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze

That way we can create campaigns like..."Email all clients where Account Manager = John" or "Email all clients where Balance Month = June".

We set up the custom fields for you and complete the sync.

Setting up a Lead/Contact sync

You can sync the leads from the contact form on your PracticePlus site with your Xero Practice Manager data.

In order to create the lead in Xero Practice Manager we need to know the Id of the Staff Member who will manage leads in Xero Practice Manager. Here's a quick tutorial on how to find the Id:

Once you advise the Id we can complete the setup.