Web Apps: How to Add a New Pricing Plan

How to add a new option to your Pricing Plan.

Open the Pricing Plans Web App

Open the Pricing Plans Web App

From your Dashboard menu:

  1. Click on Web Apps
  2. Click on Pricing Plans

Add a New Item

Add a New Item

The Pricing Plans window will open: click on the grey Add Item button.

Edit your New Pricing Plan Option

Edit your New Pricing Plan Option
  1. Give your new pricing plan option a name - type it into the Item Name text field.
  2. The URL will be generated for you automatically
  3. Make sure that the template: Inner - Plans and Pricing is selected from the Template drop-down menu.
  4. Make sure your new pricing plan option is viewable by clicking on the check box labelled Enabled.

Fill out the Item Fields

Fill out the Item Fields
  1. Type the amount you would like to charge for your pricing plan option into the Price text field.
  2. If you wish to set a recurring billing option, add a description such as '/mth' or '/yr' in the After Price Description text field.
  3. The One Liner text field is where you can type in a sentence that explains the benefits of this plan.
  4. In the Short Description text field type one or two sentences that tell visitors what this plan is about.
  5. Feature Highlights appear on the pricing plan overview page - choose four or five options to feature.
  6. Features Included - the full list of features included in your pricing plan. This is displayed when a visitor clicks on the Learn More button at the bottom of the Feature Highlights on the pricing plan overview page.

(For more information on Features please see What is the Difference Between 'Feature Highlights' and 'Features Included'?)

  1. If you have any Additional Options you would like to add to your plan, type them here.
  2. To add a photo to your testimonial click on the blue Select Image link next to the Testimonial Photo text area.
  3. Type a quote from your client into the Testimonial Quote text area.
  4. Type the name of your client who has provided the testimonial into the Testimonial Author Details text field.
  5. Add a link to a page where the visitor can find out more information in the Learn More Link text field.
  6. Add your Sign Up Link here
  7. Change the microcopy on your sign-up button in the Sign Up Button Text text field.
  1. Type your Socketapp Form Slug here
  2. Type your Socketapp Account Slug here
  3. Type your PracticeIgnition Id here

Click on the little blue arrow in the More Options drop-down panel. Here you can change:

  1. The Release Date
  2. The Expiry Date (Useful for limited time offers)
  3. The Weighting - assign a number to the pricing plan so you can control which plan you would like to appear first. The higher the number, the higher up on the page your pricing plan will be placed.

In the Item Description text area, add a detailed description of how your pricing plan works.

Save Your New Pricing Plan

Save Your New Pricing Plan

Click on the blue Save and Add New Item button to save your new pricing plan.