Web Apps: Services

How to add a new Service.

Open the Services Web App

Open the Services Web App
  1. Click on Web Apps from the Dashboard menu
  2. Click on Services

Add a New Item

Add a New Item

Click on the grey Add Item button.

Web App Items: Add Item

  1. Add a name for your new service in the Item Name text field
  2. Click on the blue Select File link to add/upload a supporting image for your service.
  3. Add a short summary of your service in the Short Description text box.
  4. If you are not using a supporting image, you may choose one of the built-in icons from the Icon drop-down menu. You will not need to select a colour for this, as the colours are already built in to match the rest of your website.

Add Extra Information

Type any extra information about your new service into the content area text box.

Save the Service

Save the Service

Click on the blue Save and Add New Item button

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