Welcome to PracticePlus Lite

An introduction to PracticePlus Lite and an overview of the basic features you need to get started.

What is PracticePlus Lite?

PracticePlus Lite is a Content Management System (CMS) for accountancy practices who want to quickly set up a personalised website and digital marketing solution. The system is web-based, so you don't need to install any special software on your computer in order to organise or add content to your site.

You can publish many types of content on your PracticePlus Lite website including: blog posts, images, video, news and events, and documents.



System Features - The PracticePlus Lite Dashboard


The Admin Console is where you access the PracticePlus Lite content management system. This is where you'll find options to update your site content, send email campaigns, manage customer inquiries and running reports.

  1. Your weekly Overview
  2. Campaign Summary - a feed of recent activity for newsletter campaigns you have sent.
  3. The Dashboard menu - access Web Apps and Modules from this menu



System Features - The File Manager

System Features - The File Manager

File Manager - quickly upload any file from your local machine.

Access the File Manager by clicking on:

  1. Site Manager
  2. File Manger

System Features - Module Manager

System Features - Module Manager

Module Manager

PracticePlus Lite's module system makes it easy to keep your content centralised with built-in blogs and newsletters. The data is all stored in a single database. This means you do not have to rely on third-party services.

System Features - Web Apps

System Features - Web Apps

Web Apps

Update basic content easily with the built-in PracticePlus Lite Web Apps including:


Contact Details

Events - Calendar

Home Page slideshow

Latest News

Social Media

Team Profiles


... and more!